* Trade show, booth design studies and applications
* General promotional activities
* Provision of hosts and hostesses
* Indoor and outdoor activities
* Motivation activities
* Special concept projects
* Special company activities (New Year, launch, party, etc.)
* Picnic organizations
* Roadshow
* Social and cultural programs
* Sponsorship relations
* Thematic parties
* Anniversary project studies


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions

Our full range of MICE services include:



We offer a flexible Menu of Services for Meetings of all sizes for Corporations, Associations and Government Departments and work closely with these organisations to provide customised services for each Local, National or International event. A wide choice of Venues is available from Hotels to Historic Palaces, from Log Cabins in Russia to University Lecture Theatres.



Travel Programmes are very effective for the Recognition of Employees, Clients and Suppliers. While Programmes for Sales People are well-established, other business functions are now involved. Group Events, like this Car Rally for a leading worldwide manufacturer in Belgium work really well for some companies, but other Organisations prefer to have Reward and Recognition Programmes that have Individual Travel Arrangements.



From small National Conferences to Multinational Conferences that attract thousands of Delegates, we have a wealth of expertise and experience. While Hotels and Convention Centres continue to meet the needs of most events, there is a wide choice of other venues from Airports, like Budapest to Sports Stadiums, from Castles to Holiday Villages and from Cruise Ships to Museums.



We all take great pride in providing experiences that are not widely available to everyone and activities that have not been experienced by most people. We create programmes that specifically match the requirements of each audience and budget. We want all participants to enjoy something special just like this group in Turkey, and to leave with a truly memorable experience.

Executive Charter


There are times when the services of Scheduled Airlines simply cannot meet the client’s requirements of timings, logistics and security. There are also occasions when smaller airports are much more convenient to use with faster boarding and disembarking procedures. We can charter any size of plane operating from a wide choice of Airports.

Corporate Hospitality


In many business sectors, Corporate Hospitality Programmes are an established way of thanking clients for their business and for developing and maintaining relationships. VIP Packages at major Sporting Events such as the Olympic Games and World Cup Soccer are naturally popular. However, Private Events at venues that are not always open to the Public can be just as effective in giving the right message to clients.

Team Building


Getting employees away from their normal office environment and creating a competitive, but enjoyable Team Building programmes is a clear way of showing their value to their companies. From Corporate Golf Days to Yacht Racing, from Knights Tournaments in Hungary to Cooking Competitions, from Song-Writing to Film-making, we have a wide choice to suit every budget and the culture of each company.

Sporting Events


Professional Sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball and American Football are dominated by major Clubs and world-class Stadiums. These are increasingly being used for many activities. At the Amateur level, we have a wealth of experience in getting both Competitors and spectators to Public Events like the Olympic Games and to Private Events such as Sports Tours for Schools and Colleges.






Why do we

Istanbul Incoming Tours understands that individual travelers like to create their own itineraries, choose their own schedules, and decide on their hotels in Istanbul, Ephesus, Cappadocia, Troy, Bursa, Gallipoli, Pamukkale ( Cotton Valley ). With Istanbul Incoming Tours, nothing is impossible. Choose from over 650 flexible itineraries covering every corner of Turkey from Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kusadasi, Pamukkale, Antalya, Bodrum, Kemer, Marmaris, Ankara, Izmir, to Nemrut mountain (Eastern Turkey). Combine them to create an itinerary to suit you & your family. So whether you are in Turkey for a layover, mini-vacation, extended holiday, or pre/post of an incentive programme or event held in Turkey that you are participating.

Istanbul Incoming Tours is one of the major A-class independent agency and the member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies. (The daily excursions, individual and flexiable vacations, hotel bookings, Anzac Tours, Students Tours, Blue Cruise, Tour series, Holiday Packages, Rent A Car,bus and flight tickets to all destinations in Turkey) are provided so as to meet the needs and demands of our guests. We tap into our resources in the field to provide travel experiences that are authentic, engaging and meaningful. Come and feed your Istanbul Incoming Tours with us.