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  • 1. Istanbul Incoming Tours is a Class A licensed travel agent registered as a member of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB License 1188) Istanbul Incoming Tours also trades as istanbulincomingtours.com Hereinafter referred to as “istanbulincomingtours.com
  • 2. These booking conditions apply to the person making the booking (the Guest) and all other persons on whose behalf the booking(s) are made.
  • 3. These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through istanbulincomingtours.com. A deposit is paid for a tour provided by istanbulincomingtours.com is taken to be an acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • 4. istanbulincomingtours.com acts as agents on behalf of all the suppliers (including airlines, tour and cruise operators, car hirers and accommodation providers) in your booking.
  • 5. The Guest is contracting with istanbulincomingtours.com for the provision of certain services. In almost all cases the services will be provided by 3rd party suppliers including airlines, tour operators, hotels, museum and historical sites. Any terms and conditions applied by those suppliers to their Guests also apply to your booking. Copies of those terms and conditions are available upon request.
  • 6. These booking conditions govern the Guests’ relationship with istanbulincomingtours.com Should a supplier be unable to provide one of the services contracted for istanbulincomingtours.com will provide an alternative and equivalent service. or otherwise provide a refund for that service of portion of the itinerary.
  • 7. Any Guest making a booking must be at least 18 years of age and must be authorized to make the booking on behalf of the members of the party.



  • 8. Within these terms and conditions the following words have these meanings:
    a-) The Guest - a person or persons who pays istanbulincomingtours.com for the provision of travel services. hotel accommodation, car rental, airfares tours and other services.
    b-)The tour – any package of services provided by istanbulincomingtours.com as agent for its suppliers.
    c-) The tour commencement – the date on which the first istanbulincomingtours.com service is to be provided. Typically this will be an airport transfer on arrival in Turkey, though it may be another service which is first to be provided.
    d-) Suppliers – 3rd parties including but not limited to airlines, hotels, museums, historical sites, gulet operators, cruise operators, tour operators, transfer companies and guides which provide tourism services to istanbulincomingtours.com guests.



  • 9. After we have received the Guests’ deposit or full payment (if applicable and we have issued a receipt, a contract will exist between the customer and istanbulincomingtours.com effective from the date printed on the receipt. The terms and conditions of each supplier in the booking with will also apply to the guests’booking. Once the contract(s) is made, the airlines, accommodation provider and any other supplier is responsible for providing the guest with what the guests has booked.



  • 10. istanbulincomingtours.com acts as a travel agent. We arrange travel services and sell travel related products on behalf of suppliers such as airlines, tour and cruise operators, car hirers and accommodation providers. In doing so istanbulincomingtours.com gives no warranty nor makes any representation regarding the services to be supplied or the products purchased by the Guest . The Guests’ booking will be subject to the terms and conditions applied by the provider of the service or products. The Guest accepts that if the travel services or products are not supplied in accordance with the booking, the remedy lies with the service provider and not istanbulincomingtours.com
  • 11. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to try to resolve all disputes and issues at first instance.  istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to represent services provided by others accurately and reasonably. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to act in good faith and attempt to find alternatives if a supplier cannot or will not supply the contracted service. istanbulincomingtours.com will not be liable for failures on the part of suppliers or any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of the provision of services by third party suppliers.



  • 12. Every effort is made to ensure that the prices quoted to you are correct. However istanbulincomingtours.com acts only as an agent and relies on information provided to us from the suppliers of the travel services and products. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to bring to Guests’ attention any change in price made prior to the Guest completing their booking and paying the balance of the price.



  • 13. Many airfares are subject to strict conditions regarding amendments, cancellations and refunds. If istanbulincomingtours.com is required to re-issue a ticket due to the provision of inaccurate or unclear information, the Guest will be required to pay for the re-issue. This may amount to the purchase of a new full fare ticket. The Guest is responsible for providing their name (and all names of all people travelling in their party) as it appears in their passports and undertakes to take care to provide passport numbers with accuracy.
  • 14. If istanbulincomingtours.com is required to re-issue a ticket due to its own error istanbulincomingtours.com will bear the full cost of such re-issue.



  • 15. All airfares are subject to taxes and charges levied by the relevant governments and the airlines themselves. From time to time governments increase airport taxes and levies and airlines impose fuel surcharges without notice. istanbulincomingtours.com will endeavour to notify the customer of such charges in advance but reserves the right to pass on fuel and tax increases levied by governments and/or airlines, without notice.



  • 16. All domestic Turkish airlines and most international airlines now issue electronic tickets called e-tickets, rather than paper tickets. The guests will be provided with the details of their flight booking and a reference number. The guests may not receive any other documentation confirming flights. All passengers travelling on an e-ticket will be required to produce photo identification at check in.
  • 17. The airline on which the guests is/are booked may change its departure time or cancel a flight. istanbulincomingtours.com will notify guests of changed departure times where possible and endeavour to reorganize other arrangements to ensure guests meet scheduled departures. However istanbulincomingtours.com has no liability for any loss or damage suffered as a consequence of an airline delaying or cancelling flights.



  • 18. istanbulincomingtours.com requires 30% of total tour fees to be paid as a non refundable deposit. This deposit payment will secure your booking.
  • 19. istanbulincomingtours.com requires the balance of all tour fees to be paid in full, at least 21 days prior to the tour commencing, unless otherwise agreed.
  • 20. Failure by the guest to pay the balance of tour fees at least 21 days prior to the tour commencing may result in istanbulincomingtours.com cancelling the booking and retaining the deposit.
  • 21. If any tour fees remain outstanding at the commencement of the tour istanbulincomingtours.com retains the right to cancel day tours, transfers or other services untill all tour fees are paid in full.
  • 22. istanbulincomingtours.com accepts payments by Visa Card, Master Card or international bank transfer to bank account in various currencies in Istanbul. istanbulincomingtours.com does not accept payment by American Express, Visa Debit cards or Diners Club cards.
  • 23. istanbulincomingtours.com will issue a formal receipt stamped and signed to the guests upon receipt of any funds by international transfer, or on advice that a credit card transaction was successful and deposit payment has been taken.
  • 24. Bank Fees incurred as a consequence of international bank transfer are the responsibility of the guest. Occasionally a guest sends an amount of money by international transfer, but their bank uses an intermediary bank to transmit the funds to istanbulincomingtours.com bank accounts. Often such intermediary banks will impose their own transactions fees without notice. In such cases the guest is liable to make up any shortfall in the tour fees received by istanbulincomingtours.com unless agreed otherwise.
  • 25. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes not to pass on credit card transaction fees, except as specified below.
  • 26. istanbulincomingtours.com requires one deposit payment one balance payment unless the booking is made less than 21 days before the tour commences. In that case istanbulincomingtours.com requires the full tour fee to be paid in one transaction. If guests split deposit payments and balance payments between multiple credit cards or a combination of credit cards and international transfers, istanbulincomingtours.com reserves the right to charge transaction fees.


  • 27. istanbulincomingtours.com may contract with another travel agency (“commissioning agency”) for the provisions of services to their customers. istanbulincomingtours.com will be responsible for the provision of those services via its suppliers to the guest, who will travel and enjoy the tourist service.
  • 28. istanbulincomingtours.com will advise the commissioning agency of the price of the tours, and what percentage of this price the commissioning agency may retain. The commissioning agency may charge their guest tour fees greater than the price advised by istanbulincomingtours.com but should not charge the guest tour fees less than the price advised by istanbulincomingtours.com


  • 29. A booking may be comprised of tours, hotel reservations, transfers, flights, cruise cabins, gulet charter and/or optional extra activities including, but not limited to, hot air balloon tours, horse riding tours, jeep tours, cooking classes, walking tours and Turkish bath experience.
  • 30. All arrangements made under one four-digit Booking ID constitute one booking, regardless of whether separate invoices have been issued to different passengers within the booking, or different payments have been received from different passengers within the booking, or slightly different arrangements have been made for various passengers within the booking.
  • 31. Cancellation by one passenger within the booking may result in istanbulincomingtours.com reasonably concluding that the entire booking has been cancelled. Where passengers were to share a private tour guide. private vehicle rental, hotel room, gulet charter, cabin charter on a gulet cruise or a private transfer greater than 3 hours, and where one of those passengers cancels his or her booking. istanbulincomingtours.com will necessarily conclude that all passengers in the booking have cancelled their booking. This may have the consequence of all passengers forfeiting some or all of their tour fees consistent with the following terms.
  • 32. If the guest cancels their booking for any reason they may incur a cancellation charge. The amount of this charge will vary depending on when the cancellation in made.
    a-) If the booking is cancelled by the guest prior to payment of deposit, no fees are payable.
    b-) If the booking is cancelled by the guest after payment of deposit, but more than 21 days prior to the tour commencing, the guest may forfeit the deposit (or 30% of total tour fees) istanbulincomingtours.com at its sole discretion, may refund some or all of the deposit.
    c-) If the booking is cancelled by the guest fewer than 21 days prior to the tour commencing, but greater than 7 days before the tour commences, the guest forfeits 75% of the total tour fees.
    d-) If the booking is cancelled by the guest 7 or fewer days prior to the tour commencing, the guest forfeits all tour fees.


  • 33. Amendments to a tour, initiated by the guest after the payment of a deposit, may attract and amendment fee. Amendments requiring changes to bookings for hotels, tours, flights, cruises charters, vehicle rentals and/or transfers on three or more days of an itinerary will ordinarily be charged a Euro 100 amendment fee.
  • 34. Amendments requiring changes to bookings for hotels, tours, flights, cruises, charters, vehicle rentals and/or transfers no five or more days of an itinerary may be regarded as a full or partial cancellation of a tour and result in a great percentage of tour fees consistent with the cancellation provisions above.
  • 35. Costs incurred by istanbulincomingtours.com as a result of amendments (such as non-refundable airfares which are cancelled, or cancellation fees imposed by hotels or tour operators) will also be passed on to the guest. The guest will be advised of the aggregate of such costs and given the opportunity to continue with the amendment. Agreement to continue with the amendment is taken as agreement to accept the advised amendment cost (as well as any amendment fees)


  • 36. istanbulincomingtours.com bears no liability or responsibility for tours cancelled due to illness, injury or death of a guest or close relative or partner of a guest or any other personal matter. istanbulincomingtours.com bears no responsibility of liability for tours cancelled due to natural disaster, terrorism, environmental catastrophe or changed governmental travel advisories.
  • 37. As i istanbulincomingtours.com is only acting as an agent, it bears no liability in respect of the supply of any element of a booking including any liability for illness, personal injury death, or loss of any kind, delay and inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any provider of travel services or products or by other third parties unless caused by istanbulincomingtours.com negligence. Any claim for damages for injury illness loss or death must be brought against the relevant supplier of the travel services or products.
  • 38. istanbulincomingtours.com bears no liability if a guest is unable to enjoy services provided due to them being incarcerated or detained by governmental authorities or refused entry into Turkey or any other country where services were to be provided.
  • 39. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be read as excluding, restricting or modifying rights under relevant Turkish legislation.
  • 40. istanbulincomingtours.com warrants to act in good faith to procure services from suppliers which use safe vehicles, aircraft and sea-going vessels. istanbulincomingtours.com warrants to procure services only from fully licensed guides and tour operators. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to only contract with suppliers it reasonably believes take care to protect the health and safety of their guests.
  • 41. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to provide a mobile phone contact for a fluent Turkish/English speaker, available 24 hours per day while the guest is in Turkey, to assist in resolving emergencies or unexpected contingencies.
  • 42. istanbulincomingtours.com strongly advises guests to take out their own comprehensive travel insurance policies, providing coverage for property loss and/or damage, medical expenses and repatriation back to the home country in the case of injury, illness or death. istanbulincomingtours.com advises guests to take our appropriate travel insurance at the time of paying a deposit as the policy should also cover loss of deposit and cancellation fees.



  • 43. Generally inclusions and exclusions are to be determined by the individual contract between istanbulincomingtours.com and each guest on an individual bases. The contract is contained largely in the itinerary attached to each booking, together with reference to these terms and conditions.
  • 44. If an itinerary is silent as to whether an item is included or not, the following generally applies.
  • 45. istanbulincomingtours.com ours generally include
  • 46. Tolls, traffic fines incurred by professional drivers, fuel and parking fees
  • 47. Regular buffet breakfast at each hotel during the hours usually provided
  • 48. One arrival transfer and one departure transfer between hotels and airports
  • 49. istanbulincomingtours.com tours generally exclude
  • 50. Special breakfast provided very early for customers with early departures where hotels are unable to accommodate early breakfasts
  • 51. Late checkout for customers who will not be picked up from the hotel until late on their final date at that hotel
  • 52. Turkish Visa Fees
  • 53. International airfares
  • 54. Mini bar charges, phone calls, laundry, meals other than those described in the itinerary
  • 55. Drinks with meals
  • 56. Charges incurred due to damage by the customer to the hotel or vehicles provided
  • 57. Items of a personal nature
  • 58. Travel insurances except as required under Turkish Law
  • 59. Additional arrival or departure transfers between airport and hotel for customers is one party who are arriving or departing on different flights
  • 60. Gratuities or tips for driver and/or guide which are optional but customary



  • 61. istanbulincomingtours.com shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a consequence of istanbulincomingtours.com or any of the suppliers being unable to perform their obligations under the guests’ contract(s) due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances (“a force majeure event”) beyond the control of the party affected by the force majeure event.
  • 62. In the event of a force majeure event, istanbulincomingtours.com may. at its sole discretion, assist the guest to make alternative travel arrangements or to provide a partial refund for services not provided.



  • 63. It is the guests own responsibility to ensure they have a valid passport at the time of travelling. Such a passport should have validity for 6 months beyond the planned date of return to the home country.
  • 64. It is the guests’ responsibility to ensure that they hold all necessary visas and permits.



  • 65. Guests with chronic illness, reduced mobility, physical or intellectual disability or other special needs should advise these prior to booking their tour with istanbulincomingtours.com will advise whether or not such special needs or requirements can be accommodated and may recommend a modified itinerary. istanbulincomingtours.com may impose surcharges for meeting additional needs of guests such as particular vehicles with easy access, hotel rooms with wheelchair access or wide hallways or special assistant guides.
  • 66. istanbulincomingtours.com reserves the right to refuse to provide services to a guest with special needs where it is unable o accommodate those needs or where it would not be safe to do so.
  • 67. Special dietary requirements should be advised more than 30 days prior to the tour commencing. istanbulincomingtours.com will endeavour to see that suppliers provide safe meal options for passengers with allergies or food intolerances, but cannot guarantee safe meals in all cases of all allergies.



  • 68. istanbulincomingtours.com requests that dissatisfaction with services is reported by email to the individual istanbulincomingtours.com travel agent with whom the guest communicated prior to the tour, or by calling the 24 hour contact by mobile phone. istanbulincomingtours.com shall attempt to resolve the matter immediately and will act in good faith in trying to meet the guests needs in accordance with the contract. If the guest remains dissatisfied they must write to istanbulincomingtours.com within 28 days from the end of the tour. Failure to notify dissatisfaction at the time it occurs may mean istanbulincomingtours.com is unable to resolve the dispute after the guest returns home.



  • 69. In order to process your booking, istanbulincomingtours.com needs to pass your details on to the relevant suppliers. istanbulincomingtours.com will take all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of that information.
  • 70. istanbulincomingtours.com is required to retain credit card information for up to seven years from the date of the charge to the card. istanbulincomingtours.com undertakes to store credit card information securely. whether it be in locked cupboards or secure electronic information systems.






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